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5 ways to choose a Best Mutual Fund

Mutual funds have become a great investment platform for all types of investor because of its High Returns, SEBI Regulations, managed by professionals & Experts, Tax benefits and Diversification. 

But there are more than 8000 schemes are there in the market and how to choose a best Mutual fund. 

Before you invest in Mutual Funds – Pls consider the following factors in detail

Fund Past Performance

Even the past performance does not guarantee the future, but the 10 years past performance history will tell us about how the fund fared in different market cycles and also to check whether the funds has beaten the benchmark or not with consistency.

Risk Appetite

As you know, investing in mutual funds investment involves some risk, so select a mutual fund which suits your risk appetite and Risk Reward Ratio.

Asset Under Management ( AUM )

Less AUM in any scheme might be risky, High AUM will also tell us that how many other investors trust this scheme and popular among investors. 

Fund Manager 

Every scheme has been managed by fund manager and it’s important to know the fund manager track record, credibility and his experience. Because a lot of performance is solely depend on the fund manager expertise. 

Investment Objective

It is also essential to understand the goals and objective what it wants to deliver for its investors. The offer document will help you to understand the diversification, risk profile and which category the money will be invested.


When it comes to money data and statistics are non-negotiable. Either you do these research and analysis or leave these mattes to experts to handle and give their opinions. 

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