Sathish Speaks

Why Choose Me

Give me 30 Min of your time, let me predict your financial future for you
One coffee can change your future

What You Can Expect


Finance and every piece of information that revolves around this sector are imbibed in my DNA. And, I keep gaining more knowledge everyday in my frequent ventures. So, why should you go anywhere else?


Nearly 2 decades of experience; including my career in the banking sector has given me several insights. I automatically know what will work and what won’t. Now, you can gain from this experience of mine.


“Sathish Speaks” is not a one-time venture or a hobby for me. It is my promise to you that you can relax and feel your money is always in safe hands. My goal is to become a brand-name that will continue for a long time.


This is the most important factor that anyone would see when they consult a financial/investment advisor such as Satish. And, that you have 100% because Satish Speaks is a brand that is now recognized by many across Tamil Nadu as well as other regions.

Emotional Connect

Satish Speaks can be more than your advisor or consultant. I can be your inner voice that guides you through all investment strategies, expense management and general financial cycles. In summary, Satish Speaks could be your close friend whom you consult for some complex matters.

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