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Expanding the Horizons – 2024

Market Outlook for 2024

Key Macro Metrics for 2024

  • India attracted $16 billion from foreign portfolios and $22 billion from domestic institutional investors in 2023
  • India’s equity indices hit record highs with the Nifty 50 up by 18.4%, BSE Sensex up by 17.3%, mid cap 100 up by 44% and small cap 100 up by 52.8% propelling market cap beyond the $4 trillion mark
  • India’s growth trajectory is expected to remain on a strong course supported by a recovery in capex and industrial activity
  • Mid and small cap stocks trade notably high above historic premiums compared to large caps
  • Overall, stronger economic growth prospects and an improving earnings outlook are expected to augur well for equities in 2024
  • OPERATING PROFIT TO INTEREST(Q) Highest at 14.24 times
  • Key Sectors to Invest are Real Estate, Banking, Capital Goods, Auto, Telecom

  • High Returns from Equity Market in 2023
  • 2024 – Elections may cause volatility
  • Global Sentiment, Geo Political Events
  • Inconsistent Govt Policies ( If in case of New Govt )

How and where to Invest in 2024?

1. Follow STP – Approach for Lumpsum

2. Follow SIP Approach for Long term Investments

3. Mutual Funds are the best bet among all products

4. Invest in Large Cap & Mega Caps

5. Follow Asset Allocation ( Diversify your Assets )

Hope you will find this helpful in your wealth creation journey.

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