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Why still Large Caps are Best Category to Invest?

There has been a sharp rally in the equity index due to Covid 19 Fall in March. Markets are expecting second quarter results. Consumer Demand for Festival Season and US Elections are major focus for market. 

Mid and Small segments are performed better and in fact Small Cap Stocks are best performance among all category as on 30th Sep 2020. 

Large Caps Segment constitutes the largest segment in the equity stock market and this category will continue to dominate the economy. If the economy does well again, then large cap is the category will gain. With the bullish view on Indian Economy for next 3 years, large cap funds will give opportunity to gain from Indian equity. It is not possible for the broader market to move unless the large cap rally participates.

IT, Health Care, Auto are the sectors are benefitting from newer demands. Overall companies are working on newer business models, cost optimisation and operations. With quite a few Large Cap companies are under consolidation phase and with the newer demands and operational optimisation, any investor should have at least 50% of his participation in Large Cap Category.

Not only the large cap brings you the essential diversification but also brings down the portfolio volatility. While the investors can able to invest in stable business and which usually dominate every sectors and categories.

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