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                                                                6th May 2024

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Issue 141, Weekly Wealth Newsletter: 6th May 2024 – 13th May 2024

Have you Calculated Rolling Returns in your Mutual Fund Portfolio?

A Rolling Return is the average of a series of returns over a long period. It is the annualised return of any scheme taken for a specified period. It can be rolled on a daily, monthly, or yearly frequency in the defined period. As compared to trailing returns, rolling returns are the best measure to analyse performance of a fund.

Trailing returns have a recency bias and point-to-point returns are specific to the period taken for analysis. But, rolling return measures the fund's absolute and relative performance across all time-periods without any bias.

Why Rolling Returns Matter’s?
  • Capturing Market Cycles- Rolling returns help investors account for the cyclical nature of markets. A fund might perform exceptionally well in one period and poorly in another. Rolling returns provide insights into the overall fund performance across different market phases.
  • Consistency Assessment- By calculating rolling returns, you can assess a fund's consistency in delivering returns. A high rolling return indicates that the fund has consistently performed well over various time frames.
  • Accurate and unbiased- Absolute returns might provide misleading information if they're calculated during periods of market extremes. Rolling returns offer a more balanced perspective, reducing the impact of extreme market conditions.

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Weekly Market Update

  • Domestic equity markets closed with little change after witnessing rise for three consecutive weeks as key benchmark indices S&P BSE Sensex fell marginally and Nifty 50 rose 0.03%.
  • The mid-cap segment closed the week in green, however, the small-cap segment closed the week in red.
  • Domestic equity markets rose as optimism increased as a result of increased efforts to mediate a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas that reduced geopolitical tensions.
  • S&P BSE Auto rose 2.42% after major automakers reported higher sales of cars and two-wheelers in Apr 2024 from a year earlier.
  • Yield on the 10-year benchmark paper (7.18% GS 2033) fell by 4 bps to close at 7.15% from the previous week’s close of 7.19%.
  • The Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index eased slightly to 58.8 in Apr 2024 compared to 59.1 in Mar 2024 bolstered by strong demand conditions which resulted in a further expansion of output.

Mutual Fund Corner

HDFC Manufacturing Fund - NFO

HDFC Mutual Fund is launching NFO under its “Thematic Fund”, named as HDFC Manufacturing Fund.

Manufacturing is the Driving Force behind the GDP in coming years will be and it’s playing a major role with.
1. India’s Holistic Growth in Coming Years
2. Macro-economic Stability
3. Job Creations and Large-Scale Employment before 2030
4. Foreign Currency inflow
5. To maintain Current Account Balance

Investing in manufacturing, while promising, but requires caution due to its cyclical nature and external dependencies, advising investors to allocate only a portion of their portfolio to this sector for diversification

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Stock of the Week

Manappuram Finance

CMP – 193

Target –  240 ( In 12 – 18 Month’s Time Frame)

  • Manappuram Finance is a Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC), which provides a wide range of fund based and fee-based services including gold loans, money exchange facilities,
  • Strong Long Term Fundamental Strength with an average Return on Equity (ROE) of 20.30%
  • The company has declared Positive results for the last 6 consecutive quarters
  • With a growth in Net Sales of 6.87%, the company declared Very Positive results in Dec 23
  • High Institutional Holdings at 41.4%
  • Over the past year, while the stock has generated a return of 83.81%, its profits have risen by 51.9% ; the PEG ratio of the company is 0.2
  • With ROE of 17.6, it has a Fair valuation with a 1.6 Price to Book Value
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