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Issue 135, Weekly Wealth Newsletter: 25th Mar 2024 – 1st Apr 2024

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Mutual Funds have become increasingly popular and have established themselves as an investment product of choice for High Net Worth as well as Retail Investors. Mutual funds offer the professional expertise of the fund manager and are diversified instruments, transparent in terms of management and offer investors simple and seamless access to capital markets.

Diversification is one of the most critical principles of investing and even with Mutual Funds. The objective of diversification is to avoid concentration of any single investment or asset class in your portfolio, thereby reducing overall risk and optimally positioning your portfolio for long-term wealth creation.

While there is no precise answer for the number of funds one should hold in a portfolio, 8 – 10 funds across asset classes may be considered optimal depending on the financial objectives and goals of the investor. Further, higher allocation of portfolio to the right fund is of crucial importance.

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Weekly Market Update

  • Indian equities recovered positively after the Stress Test and fall in Mid and Small cap Indices

  • Stock Markets managed to end in green this week despite the heavy volatility triggered by global factors.

  • NIFTY IT, however, tanked more than 6% this week amid global growth concerns. The FMCG index was another loser. On the other hand, auto, realty, metal, and oil and gas indices were major gainers this week.

  • Paytm Shares made a sharp recovery of 16% last week

  • Heavy losses in Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) as its promoter Tata Sons offloaded a minor 0.65% stake for around ₹9,300 crore in block deals also hit the investor sentiment.

  • Stock markets took comfort from the US Federal Bank holding its interest rates and sticking to its three rate cuts plan this year. The policy announcement reined in dollar strength. SENSEX and NIFTY closed more than 0.7% higher on Thursday following gains in realty, auto and metal shares.

  • The US Federal Reserve is sticking to its three rate cuts forecast for the current year brought relief to wary investors.
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    Mutual Fund Corner

    Why Flexi Cap Mutual Funds are Popular Among Investors?

    Flexi-cap schemes offer the flexibility to adjust allocations based on current market conditions and emerging opportunities.
    Many investors prefer that the fund manager decide the allocation of their funds among large, mid, and small-cap stocks based on market opportunity.

    In the case of a flexi-cap fund, the fund manager doesn’t have any limitations in terms of choosing stocks for investment belonging to any particular sector, market capitalization, or geography. A flexi-cap mutual fund scheme gives you the advantage of having a diversified equity portfolio spanning across large, mid, and small-cap stocks with a single scheme. The fund manager can also allot a certain percentage of the portfolio to international stocks. If you invest in the best flexi-cap mutual fund, it has the potential to give you inflation-beating high returns and thus create wealth for you.

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    Stock of the Week


    CMP – 1787

    Target –  2099 ( In 12 – 18 Months Time Frame)

  • CDSL facilitates holding and transacting securities in electronic form and facilitates the settlement of trades executed on stock exchanges. These securities include equities, debentures, bonds, units of mutual funds, Certificates of deposit (CDs), commercial papers (CPs), Treasury Bills (TBills), and others. Other services include e-Voting, M-Voting, Myeasi Mobile App and e-Locker.

  • Strong Long Term Fundamental Strength with an average Return on Equity (ROE) of 21.14%

  • With a growth in Net Sales of 51.91%, the company declared Very Positive results in Dec 23

  • High Institutional Holdings at 39.49%

  • Healthy long term growth as Net Sales has grown by an annual rate of 28.95% and Operating profit at 21.19%

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    Mutual Funds and Stock Market Investments are subject to market risks, pls read all scheme-related documents carefully. The past performance of the mutual fund is not necessarily indicative of future performances. Mutual fund does not guarantee any returns or dividends.

    This report is for informational purposes only and contains information, opinions, and material obtained from reliable sources every effort has been made to avoid errors and omissions and is not to be construed as advice or an offer to act on views expressed therein or an offer to buy and/or sell any securities or related financial instruments, we shall not be responsible and/or liable to anyone for any direct or consequential use of the contents thereof. Reproduction of the contents of this report in any form or by any means is prohibited. 

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