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Should you invest in Likhitha Infra Ltd IPO?

About the Company Incorporated in 1998, Likhitha Infrastructure Ltd is an oil and gas pipeline infrastructure service provider in India headed by the rst generation entrepreneur Mr. Srinivasa Rao Gaddipati having around 3 decades of technical experience. The co-promoter Ms Likhitha Gaddipati post-graduated from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago has worked with PWC (USA). The

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The intelligent Investor Summary

Author Benjamin Graham objective is to provide an investment policy book for an ordinary investor. The typical investor has a tendency to follow the market instead they should be doing Portfolio Risk Management Strategies The Intelligent Investor puts special emphasis on 3 Strategies Investment Vs Speculation – Activities of Investment and speculation are separate. If

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7 Golden Rules for Borrowing

A little debt won’t hurt you, thats how the borrowing habit starts. If everyone has enough money for all their needs, then borrowing is not required at all, but we don’t live in an ideal world. Borrowing becomes compulsive when we have huge aspirations, impulsive spending and peer pressure. When banks, NBFC’s offers easy borrowing,

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4  Money lessons to teach your kid

Biggest responsibility of any parent for their children is to teach them the life of Independence. Financial Freedom and Independence can be achieved only by knowing certain personal Finance concepts and certain discipline attributes. Personal finance can even be a challenge for adults. Here i have created 5 Step guide to help parents navigate financial

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